The Atlanta Police Athletic League (PAL) is a non-profit public benefit corporation. Our mission is to provide a safe environment for youth to reach their full potential through partnership with police and the community.  PAL utilizes athletics, activities, and other programming geared to improve quality-of-life for our youth participants, by promoting confidence, self-esteem, civic engagement, academic achievement, and social principles with the goal of aiding them in becoming nurturing, productive members of society.

 Atlanta PAL is a nonprofit charitable 501 c (3) organization, established in 1983 as a community partnership between the Atlanta Police Department (APD), NPU’s, Community Investors and Business Associations. Atlanta PAL serves youths 8-18 years of age by implementing constructive, carefully planned athletic, and academic activities aimed at teaching moral, civic, academic, and social principles to at-risk youths in a safe and nurturing environment.

 The Atlanta PAL operates two separate facilities in the inner city of Atlanta. It supports over 2,800 children annually through programs such as Youth Summer Camp, Youth Athletic Leagues, and After School Programs with Tutorials.


The Atlanta PAL program is a youth crime prevention initiative that includes recreational, athletic, and educational activities with the goal of building positive relationships between police officers, young people, and the community.

PAL believes when a child respects a police officer on the ball field or in the gym, he or she will come to respect the laws that police officers enforce, therefore benefiting all.

PAL’s primary philosophy of “Crime Prevention through Recreation” and “Mentoring and Leadership through Athletics & Activities” establishes and reiterates the PAL core values of fair play and good sportsmanship.